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B.R. Icon Basic Layout

The first time you start Milestone Reminder, the application will look similar to Figure 1. The application window consists of the following three major elements.
  1. Toolbar
  2. Reminder Table
  3. Search Field

Figure 1
Figure 1: The basic Milestone Reminder interface indicating that John Doe's birthday is tomorrow, Jane Doe's anniversary is coming soon, and Joe Schmo-Doe's birthday is also coming soon.


By default, the display will show a toolbar with items to The 'View' menu allows you to hide or configure the toolbar to your liking, which includes the ability to add additional toolbar items with the 'Customize Toolbar...' menu item.

Reminder Table

Shows the set of people from your address book that match your display and search criteria. For birthdays, the Age/Year column is the person's age on their Next Birthday. For anniversaries, the Age/Year column is the number of years for that anniversary.

Figure 1 also shows how Milestone Reminder emphasizes birthdays as they approach. As the big day nears, a person's row changes color from the default background color to your selected highlight color. The 'Preferences...' item in the 'Milestone Reminder' menu can be used to change the default highlight color.

Search Field

Finally, the Search field is used to limit the people displayed in the reminder table. Find out more about searching and its useful side effects.