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B.R. Icon Date Label Substitution Rule (%s)

Each date label from the Address Book has an associated Date Type and Substitution Rule. The Substitution Rule (%s) is relevant when exporting out data to iCal. Date Types are used to classify all the date labels from cards in your Address Book. To see how to create a new date type see the Managing Date Types document.

Figure 1
Figure 1: The Date Label Substitution Rule (%s) popup menu.

Opening the 'Date Label Substitution Rule (%s)' Popup Menu.
  1. <Control>-Left Mouse Click (or Right Mouse Click) over the person's row in the Reminder Table to open up a popup menu.
  2. Select the 'Date Label Substitution Rule (%s)' menu item.
  3. Select the desired substitution for the currently selected row's date label. The title of the popup menu describes the substitution action for the date label. As show in Figure 1, the 'College Graduation' date label is currently replaced with the Full Name of the Address Book card, 'Joe Schmo-Doe' for the current selected Reminder Table row.

    A small set of predefined substitutions are provided as a convenience. Additionally, the 'Customize...' menu item opens up the Managing Date Types... dialog to edit the date label's Substitution Rule.

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