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Steps to Follow

  1. Make sure the 'Export to iCal...' dialog is visible.
  2. Selected the 'Advanced' tab.

    Figure 1
    Figure 1: The 'Export to iCal...' dialog's 'Advanced' tab.
  3. Change the settings to the desired state.

    See Advanced Settings section for details on how the settings work.

  4. Click the 'Export' button.

Advanced Settings

Table 1: Advanced settings explained.
Setting Definition
Update all existing entries. Every entry created by Milestone Reminder will be updated during the export process. You should select this radio button if you want to force changes to all records created by Milestone Reminder.
Update only if Address Book record has changed. Only those Address Book records that have been modified since the last export will be updated. Useful if you needed to correct a person's information in your address book. For example, if you fixed a spelling mistake or incorrectly typed in a person's birthday. This is a default setting.
Update existing entries in original calendar. This keeps entries originally created by Milestone Reminder in the iCal calendar they were originally exported to. This is a default setting. This only matters if you have selected a different export calendar.
Move existing entries to currently selected calendar. If selected, this will move all entries originally created by Milestone Reminder in to the currently selected calendar. This is useful if you decide to create a birthday specific calendar and need to move all entries into that calendar.
Delete entries if date-of-birth is no longer defined. If checked, deletes any entries originally created by Milestone Reminder from the calendar they were created in.

Other Information

If you cancel, your export settings are not saved.