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B.R. Icon Creating a New Calendar

Steps to Follow

  1. Make sure the 'Export to iCal...' dialog is visible.
  2. From the 'Calendar' popup list, select the 'New Calendar' item to bring up the dialog as shown in Figure 1.
    Figure 1
    Figure 1: The new calendar dialog sheet.
    NOTE: This feature may not work with future versions of iCal.
  3. Type in the name of the new calendar in the 'Calendar Name' text field.

    The 'Calendar Name' text field will be populated with the calendar name 'Birthdays' if it does not currently exist. You may change it to any calendar name you wish.

    If a calendar named 'Birthdays' exists, the 'Calendar Name' text field will be empty and the 'Create' button will be disabled until a valid calendar name is entered.

  4. Click the 'Create' button or hit Return to create the new calendar.

    The 'Create' button is disabled when the calendar name already exists.